Groundless Sites

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

7/6 morning meeting

After spending much of yesterday researching different advertising strategies, exploring ethical questions concerning advertising, and looking at ways in which rooftops have been utilized for advertisement in the past, the groundless interns sat down this morning and outlined the distinctive qualities of a rooftop that make it an appropriate site for advertising as well as those qualities which could designate a rooftop as a sanctuary from advertisement.

rooftop as site for advertisement:

-reaches a broader/specific audience
-height suggests authority
-height suggests permanence
-increases shock factor
-encourages voyeurism
-provides different vantage points
-new venue creates new forms

rooftop as sanctuary from advertisement:

-provides seclusion
-physically separate

some ideas that we will address in our designs:

-advertisement FOR rooftop usage
-rooftop as a viewing platform
-rooftop as advertisement
-ads visible from above rooftop
-rooftop as an extension of ad.
-rooftop as a sanctuary from ad.

see you this afternoon with your drawings and design ideas...
also, type up your research summaries and images so i can compile them.