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Friday, July 01, 2005

Go Fly a Kite, Please

kate and i both know chris he is a great guy, he is a potential source and or critic.

further development of topics

To determine which topic to address first, we discussed the advantages of the following topics (listed below as well as in our previous entry). We decided to begin with advertising, as it is interesting, conducive to lots of visual exploration, and related to ideas of marketing and voyeurism, which we've already discussed. Nor are any of us so personally invested in advertising as a topic to oppose using it as the guinea pig for our methodology and ambitous time scheme. We plan to spend Tuesday researching and beginning to make proposals and will use Wednesday and Thursday to represent our proposals, analyze, and conclude.

le list

transportation systems
transportation is a problem
increased transportation would facilitate increased urban density
a network between connected downtown buildings could facilitate transportation routes
pedestrian versus vehicular, mass transportation

natural resource collection
environmental need
direct access to the elements: fog, water, wind, sunlight all become amplified from the roof
potential for food production

shelter: housing, homeless shelter, animal shelter
roofs provide square footage needed to build housing
enables people to experience the roof

chat room – creating social networks
a web of rooftops rather than PCs
If people encountered each other across rooftops, they would come up with a way of relating to each other in a way that is totally different than, for example, neighbors on front porches or in a plaza. We could push and engineer the types of human relationships and communication systems were formed by this new spacial relationships.
control and vulnerability

sports complex – the site of an original sporting event
basing a sport primarily on the topography of the playing field
Jeanine Gang – rooftop baseball park
Relationship between a rooftop’s sports function and the building underneath
Look at the New York athletic club!
The idea of exhilaration relates to both athletics and rooftops (height!)
Could also include the amusement park idea (same connections to exhilaration and entertianment)

art space (production and/or exhibition)
a unique location to be adapted to could lead to unforeseen installation pieces, works in totally new media
a whole new “rooftop school” with philosophies drawn from roofops’ conditions

rooftops create a flat canvas
relates to voyerism…who is the voyeur?
painting rooftops as billboards would require all kinds of anamorphic perspective
add in access—create intertactive rooftop adds

emphasizes the connections/potential connectivity between buildings à looks at rooftops as an integrated system
conducive to studying materials to conceive of a geology of the rooftops

a marginalized roof for a marginalized population (of organisms or objects)
Could some of rooftops characteristics facilitate rehabilitation

could be tacked onto another use (we’d design a way for tourists to observe another use)

wellness center
health benefits to being up on a roof (sun, fresh air, views, connection to the outside world but still safe separation)
palliative care connection?

religious/ spiritual/ worship space
might relate to wellness (yoga, tai chi, healing)
OR adapt a theology (even create a new theology) for worship/practice to occur on roofs

summary of morning's meeting

thanks to all for a very productive meeting.

The methodology we have decided upon will be the following:

  1. EXPLORE a topic.
    -this includes but is not limited to research, visual experimentation, and first-hand observation.
  2. PROPOSE an intervention. such as a new usage, a mode of representation, or event.
  3. DOCUMENT the process and the end product. through drawing, model, writing, performance, installation, film, etc.
  4. ANALYZE the intervention. could be in terms of quantifiable data or qualitative observations.
  5. CONCLUDE. what are possible future directions for this line of inquiry? what did we learn? how are the lessons significant?

Potential topics that we will explore together:

  • transportation systems
  • natural resource collection
  • homeless shelter
  • chat room
  • sports complex
  • creating social networks
  • art space
  • advertising
  • natural topography
  • quarantine
  • food production
  • tourism
  • amusement park
  • sanitorium
  • art production
  • exhibition space
  • location for infrastructure system
  • religious/ spiritual/ worship space
  • shelter
  • energy production

these are only initial brainstorms. we will narrrow down the list by evaluating how closely each topic relates to rooftops inherent qualities. we will address each of the topics we select by following the methodology we outlined above. we anticipate addressing at least one topic every week.


marcela, javier, emily, and jerm

more metaphors + musings

So many interesting metaphors here...I think a lot could be pushed further and made into maps/systems of representation. Some related musings:

What about somehow combining the two music metaphors that came up today? At Borders, Marcela mapped a cross section a city street onto a staff, changing pitches and note lengths to correspond to different heights and lengths. Back at the office, we likened rooftops to percussion instruments based on what kinds of sounds arise when wind and precipitation hit them (linked to materials). Combining the vertical analysis and the horizontal metaphor, we would have both a score and performers. Perhaps we could overlay the two to come up with different sound bytes to represent different streets or parts of the city.

I also really like the rooftops as islands metaphor because I think it speaks to the visceral (and thrilling) "apartness" you feel when on a roof. So another direction I might go in, research-wise, would be to look at tectonics and land formation. Continental crust, which sits much higher than oceanic crust (obviously), is also much thicker and extends much deeper into the earth. It's depth (or, rather, the subsurface mass that creates that depth) must equal the mass of whatever is protruding, so what you have under islands and land masses is this massive root (think of a molar, maybe). Thus, one way to explore rooftops would be to map out the magnitude of whatever "roots" support certain types and heights of rooftops. This could be the amount of downward force different rooftops exert (which, as with land masses, would be a function of height, volume, and material properties); how deep their foundations must extend (a whole other topography); how much energy it takes for a human to reach the roof, etc.

Or, pushing the roots metaphor farther, what about rooftops as treetops? I like that because it brings in the concept of an could San Francisco's network of rooftops become a complex ecosystem like tropical rainforests' canopies?

So sorry this got so long...writing really got me thinking!

- Emily