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Thursday, June 30, 2005

defining a rooftop


a rooftop is a 2 or 3 dimensional plane; flat, angled or curved; a shelter that shields one from the elements (rain, hail, snow, sun); a shade; home to HVAC systems and pigeons; impermeable, tough, resistant; a 6th wall; a horizontal asymptote; an unobstructed viewing platform; hidden though exposed; above though below; the outer shell; the percussion section; a topography, the underside of a fast car; hot and heavy shingles; a stage; an architect's afterthought; an extruded floor plan; an extension of the walls; a hat; the symbol of communism; a barrier; an escape; a destination; a home; a water basin; a picnic blanket; a ceiling for the sky; a topography; a burden to be supported; a cliff; a precipice; a bridge between walls; a floor; a canvas; a beach; the island; a crib; a cooking pan; a receptacle; a pedestal; a diving board; a deep breath; a groundless site...

thank you to all who contributed. please keep adding to this. i envision a scroll

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