Groundless Sites

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Check out Javier's LA Times article on growing rooftop use in downtown LA (and related social issues). I also found the websites of two of the apartment buildings that are utilizing their roof space.,1,4409505.story?coll=la-headlines-home


Potential Deliverables

  • thesis/conceptual statement
  • 18 july presentation to office critics
  • step 2 presentation to office critics
  • book
  • web site
  • lunch presentation to the community

Words from the Wise

An inspirational "haiku" by Mike and Kathy:

toward a groundless site

we will form a unique response to our condition at this location on the edge of the continent now
art architecture
movement stasis
temporal spatial
it is not that i don't believe in time, i just do not understand it
duration perhaps i understand a little
a trail is not a path as much as a marked site
we will mark a site perhaps
a rooftop


After a series of meetings and conversations where we and our mentors, Mike McCall and Kathy Cogan, discussed possible directions for our rooftop study, we decided that we should instead allow our project to evolve organically. Rather than setting a strict initial objective and program, we are beginning by visiting and documenting rooftops all over San Francisco with open minds.

Some notes and guiding ideas from those meetings:

"By exploring the rooftops of San Francisco, we endeavor to develop a methodology for evaluating the rooftop as a site."

"We will 'map' the topography of San Francisco's rooftops in a new and original way, without preconceived rules, using intuition as a guide, to determine a purpose or intention for our exploration."

Based on our experiences, we will develop our own rules and methodologies for documenting our observations and expressing our ideas.