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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


In considering topography of rooftops, we are interested in the history of visual dichotomies, how people develop such systems of representation and how we learn to read them. (Pre-existing systems worth studying might include what we traditionally think of as maps, as well as the periodic table of elements and the base ten number system.)

In our discussion of what mapping rooftops might mean, we found ourselves using metaphors that dealt with various geological/natural sciences phenomena. This inclination to view the constructed city as natural landform suggests that our attempt to map the uncharted topography of rootops should incorporate a range of tools, theories and methods grounded in the earth sciences.

We also found ourselves using mathematical jargon and visual representations to explain the relationships between rooftop heights, current land elevations, and pre-urban land elevations. We hope to expand on this observation as well.

- Emily and Marcela


  • it occurs to me that each rooftop is the headwater of its own watershed.

    By Blogger mike, at 7:41 PM  

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