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Friday, July 01, 2005

summary of morning's meeting

thanks to all for a very productive meeting.

The methodology we have decided upon will be the following:

  1. EXPLORE a topic.
    -this includes but is not limited to research, visual experimentation, and first-hand observation.
  2. PROPOSE an intervention. such as a new usage, a mode of representation, or event.
  3. DOCUMENT the process and the end product. through drawing, model, writing, performance, installation, film, etc.
  4. ANALYZE the intervention. could be in terms of quantifiable data or qualitative observations.
  5. CONCLUDE. what are possible future directions for this line of inquiry? what did we learn? how are the lessons significant?

Potential topics that we will explore together:

  • transportation systems
  • natural resource collection
  • homeless shelter
  • chat room
  • sports complex
  • creating social networks
  • art space
  • advertising
  • natural topography
  • quarantine
  • food production
  • tourism
  • amusement park
  • sanitorium
  • art production
  • exhibition space
  • location for infrastructure system
  • religious/ spiritual/ worship space
  • shelter
  • energy production

these are only initial brainstorms. we will narrrow down the list by evaluating how closely each topic relates to rooftops inherent qualities. we will address each of the topics we select by following the methodology we outlined above. we anticipate addressing at least one topic every week.


marcela, javier, emily, and jerm


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