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Thursday, July 28, 2005


If you can find the may Architecture magazine (p. 20) notice Tschumi's lattice
approach is in a sense a project that might be viewed as adding an "habitable roof" to an existing substructure.
Its spider-like form allows light to reach the enclave of shops below.
Proposal to save a mixed-use enclave of artist's studio , lofts, and gallerie at ground level proposes a horizontal city 80 feet above ground in Beijing.


  • Dear Groundless Sites,

    We publish, the international greenroof industry's resource and online information portal. We post information to all things greenroof related: news, upcoming events, projects, people and company and organization happenings, etc., as well as offer feature articles and more.

    FYI - we posted the following article referencing greenroofs on the Home Page under NewsLinks:

    Going groundless: Four design interns take to the rooftops of San Francisco to look into the future, by Susan Fornoff
    August 13, 2005

    San Francisco, CA. "The college interns in San Francisco for McCall Design Group's Summer Studio this year decided to reach for the stars, and they landed on the roof..." >>more

    Interesting ideas and novel sugggestions. I hope you continue to investigate mitigating many of the negative effects of a building's footprint with living, permeable greenroofs. Please visit our website for ideas and background info.

    On another note, our international Greenroof Project Database is now online and fully searchable. We invite you and your colleagues to submit project profiles for inclusion or encourage project principals to do so (see:

    Continued success in environmental design and please keep us informed of your area's greenroof happenings!

    Best regards,
    Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA Associate, LEED AP Publisher & Design Consultant
    678.580.1965 office
    888.477.1326 toll free & fax is the international greenroof industry’s resource and online information portal and publisher of The Greenroof Directory of Manufacturers, Suppliers, Professional Services, Organizations, Students & Green Resources and The Greenroof Projects Database. Sign up to receive our free Newsletter on the Home Page.

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  • Dear Groudnless interns,
    I am a horticultural consultant and garden designer researching the feasibility of growing veg and fruit on roofs. Did you do any research into bioaccumulation of toxins by plants in this environment? I would be grateful for any information you could pass on.
    Jennifer Hirsch

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