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Friday, July 08, 2005

on rooftop advertisement

Posting on our blog for the first time.
This is a summary of some of the research and final images of the work i have done on the issue of advertisement dealing or related to rooftops.
As the 4 o'clock dateline for our presentation gets closer, i am intrigued and amazed to see how the methodology and schedule frame that we set up earluer as a parameter for our research has yielded extremelly positive results.
Our 4 mini-interventions are about ideas of possible and plausible action and discourse, which i now think it is more beneficial and open to choices of encounter and multiple interests.

Just wanted to say - excellent job guys!!! Thanks for your great imput


Media as Message:

Advertisement as a medium is unavoidably present in our lives.
This medium carries a message, but it is the way that this message is delivered (the medium) that creates effects on its receiver and produces consequences that absorb, engage or affect our daily routines. The content of the message is secondary to the medium that it is exposed in.

The word “media” was coined and defined by Marshall McLuhan as “any technology that creates extensions of the human body and senses”. This broad definition seems to expand its concept to being an effective mechanism that interacts in several ways with a receiver (a person) to create links in the form of information between him/her and the message at hand. These links are established by means of sensorial effects with specific targets that work simultaneously to absorb the message brought by a given medium.
The direct correlation existing today between medium and message was not always so. McLuhan proposes that the message that a given medium brought in past time was not as effective as it is today since it did not address or manipulated multiple sensorial layers at once. He proposes that the electronic age has restored man’s sensorial balance since it instantaneously collapses all senses into an effective tool of communication, unlike the age of speech or print media which only exercised a particular one.
With the arrival of electronic media as a new medium type that offers a fusion of all senses into a condensed experience, man’s sensorial system is extended to its fullest potential.
McLuhan’s thesis is an emphasis on the medium over the message, on media over its content.
He proposes that historically when people have thought about messages, they have concentrated exclusively on what they were saying (content) and ignored their media. Media or the medium of communication, has played second role to its content, the form of expression has given way to the expression itself.
The delivery system of the message (the media), radically impacts and shapes the content. The content never changes and it is not increased in value or scope by a way of representation. On the other hand the way of representation or delivery of the content, the media, becomes responsible for adapting to the content is an appropriate manner for its proper usage. Some types of media are hostile while others can be beneficial to the same message; therefore it is “how” the message is delivered rather than “what”, what’s important.
In our current society the medium has become the message, the way the content is delivered, portrayed and examined has become our standards to view and evaluate that content.

In regards advertisement, the medium has also become the message. The way and how something is delivered has become the standard to categorize it in our mass-consumed, image driven and global marketed world.
If advertising and the effects it produces have become the message, and its content are secondary to its delivery and implementation system. Then it is helpful to view advertisement as a medium, as a mechanism of delivery and not by the message that it might be attached to. It is essential to view advertisement more specifically and less abstractly, to convey a message that it’s a strategy and approach, instead of a content or concept.
In our sensorial and virtually instantaneous world of results and images of consumption it is more imperative to focus on advertisement as a medium or media of use, and let that notion become its own message.

Advertisement as media is the objective of my research and proposal for intervention. It is extremely interesting to me to explore the idea of advertisement as a medium that takes precedence over message. I plan to explore “how” strictly advertisement could be used to address the rooftop phenomenon and its future potential, letting the exercise create its own environs of speculation and message though abstraction.


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